Core Process Psychotherapy with Quintus Farrell

In Core Process Psychotherapy both therapist and client are engaged in a joint healing process where an awareness of the body, its feelings and feeling tones, and the content and states of mind that arise, are used to explore the nature of selfhood and suffering. The therapist's essential role is that of reflector and facilitator of awareness. The heart of Core Process work is oriented to the belief that true healing is only possible to the extent that we can be fully present to the immediacy of our inner and outer experience.

Core Process Psychotherapy, having been established in 1982, is one of the original mindfulness-based psychotherapy training programmes. Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice underpin this work. Teachings are drawn from different Buddhist sources and lineages to create a broad vehicle for the training of psychotherapists, which is integrated with western personality theory, psychodynamics and psychotherapy skills.

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