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Born in Athens, Greece, Thanos’ passion for natural medicine was passed down to him by his mother and grandmother, who nurtured and encouraged his interest in herbs and the natural world. Thanos spent much of his early years in the Greek countryside where he learnt about the power of plants and their role in healing and which, in turn, led him to pursue more formal training in herbal medicine.

Thanos moved to the UK to study Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster, graduating in 2007 and going on to practice as resident herbalist at a London clinic. He then undertook training in Classical Homeopathy, again at the University of Westminster. During this time, he joined the team at Ainsworths, one of London’s top homeopathic pharmacies, where he specialised in the making and provision of traditional homoeopathic remedies and the individual preparation of Flower Remedies.

After his formal training, Thanos returned to Greece for two years where he set up an eco-farm which produced flower waters, thus giving him the chance to further enhance his hands on expertise with plants and herbs. However, when the opportunity arose to join Dee Atkinson’s herbal medicine clinic in Edinburgh, Thanos returned to the UK and has been working as a medical herbalist and homeopath alongside Dee, and the rest of the team, ever since.

Thanos' approach to treatment is a holistic one: viewing the interplay between a patient’s physical condition and their mental/emotional condition as being of prime importance. Working on the premise that you cannot treat the ‘physical’ or the ‘emotional’ in isolation, Thanos perceives his patients’ emotional and physical symptoms as two sides of one coin. Thanos also uses flower essences to support mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing, further enhancing the balance between the physical and emotional. Making these holistic connections means that Thanos may often use a combination of herbal medicine and Homeopathy to treat patients.



During an initial Herbal Medicine consultation Thanos will take a detailed medical case with emphasis on your presenting problem, medication, lifestyle and diet in order to put together a personalized treatment plan including herbs, nutritional advice and supplements. You will receive medication in the form of internal applications: such as tinctures (alcohol based), teas, pills and external applications: such as creams, compresses and sits baths. These are taken frequently, usually on a daily basis. A follow up appointment is usually booked 3 weeks to a month later in order to evaluate the treatment and make any necessary adjustments. 


The Homeopathic consultation is more focused on the specifics of the presenting problem as well as medical history, family history, other presenting or past problems and the mental and emotional make up of the patient. There is not as much emphasis on diet and lifestyle. The remedy will be prescribed in the form of a pill or tablet and is sent to the patient after a couple of days with clear instructions on how to take it. Follow up appointments for long standing conditions are usually booked after a month but may be earlier for acute cases. The follow up appointment is in order to evaluate the action of the remedy based on the patient's response and to decide whether to repeat, wait or change it.

Even though Thanos practices Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine in separate clinics on different days, he may make appropriate suggestions of integration or alteration between the two if he feels that it is in the patient's best interests.

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Thanos Razis - Herbal Medicine, University of WestminsterThanos Razis

Thanos studied Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy at the University of Westminster. His approach to treatment is a holistic one: viewing the interplay between a patient’s physical condition and their mental/emotional condition as being of prime importance.

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