Stella Kojder

Stella’s passion for herbs and plants originated from her grandmother, who loved to spend time in the woods, picking mushrooms, berries, nuts, leaves and flowers - she never came home with her hands empty! These raw materials were dried, pickled, fermented or made into jam and wine which would last the year round to feed the whole family.

Stella became inspired to learn more about the use of herbs for healing whilst travelling in South East Asia in 1995. Stella was shown how to use herbs for healing various ailments, such as aloe vera for skin problems and ginger for travel sickness. On her return to the UK, she learned more about herbal medicine through workshops and talks and walks, and used this knowledge to help friends and family.

Throughout the years, her interest in herbal medicine grew and, in 2008, she decided to embark on a formal course of study at the University of Westminster, graduating with a BSc honours degree in Herbal Medicine in 2014. She initially practised in London, before moving to Scotland in 2015 and joining the herbal team at Napiers Clinic in Edinburgh.


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Stella KojderStella Kojder

Stella graduated with a BSc Hons in Herbal Medicine from the University of Westminster in 2014. She initially practised in London before moving to Scotland in 2015 and joining the herbal team at Napiers Clinic in Edinburgh.

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