Rose Morley

Rose qualified as a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner in February 2017, studying the complexity of the Bach Flower system for several years prior to qualifying. It was her longstanding, keen interest in alternative medicine, and in particular her passion for flower remedies, that led Rose to complete the first level of training in the basics of Bach Flower remedies. From there, she was hooked and went on to complete the three levels required to obtain BFRP status.

BFR practitioners on the Bach Centre’s 'Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners' have followed an approved programme of education and assessment to ensure they are competent to use the remedies in professional practice.

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Rose MorleyRose Morley

Rose is a fully qualified Bach Flower Registered Practitioner who has studied the complexity of the Bach Flower system for several years. Bach Flower remedies were created by Dr Edward Bach to help in the regulation of emotions such as stress, fear, grief, anxiety, low mood and shock. Any emotion you can think of, Bach has a flower remedy for it.

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