Lynn Bennett GOsC

Lynn is a registered osteopath and has been practising osteopathy for over twenty years. She studied osteopathy and craniosacral therapy at the European School of Osteopathy and graduated in 1991. She has a background in physiotherapy and is trained in structural, craniosacral, functional, fascial and visceral osteopathy.

Lynn has been a practitioner at Napiers Clinic for many years and has a significant client base. She has worked with thousands of patients ranging from babies only a few hours old to patients over ninety. She is an established practitioner in her field and often converses with leading practitioners and doctors to ensure that she continues to be well versed in the latest techniques.


Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that can help with ailments related to the skeletal, muscular and joint structure, as well as the underlying cause. In doing so the therapy helps to support the structure of the entire body.

Lynn is a passionate practitioner and she has an overwhelming aptitude for working with the human structure. She uses the non-invasive technique of osteopathy or craniosacral osteopathy to alleviate problems such as neck and shoulder pain, headaches, repetitive strain injury (RSI), sports injuries and much more.

There may be many conditions that can be helped using osteopathy or craniosacral therapy; Lynn is always ready to discuss any questions you have.


Craniosacral Therapy

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Lynn Bennett GOsCLynn Bennett

Lynn is a registered osteopath with a background in physiotherapy.

With over 20 years experience, she is trained in structural, craniosacral, functional, fascial and visceral osteopathy.

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