Joseph Nolan

Herbal medicine is a holistic discipline and botanical treatment requires consideration of the many influences on wellness and illness.  Plant medicines, with their subtle varied chemistries, are ideal remedies for dynamic and complex problems that can beset our health.

With every patient, Joseph looks at present symptoms and conditions, past medical history, mental and emotional state, family medical history, diet, environmental and lifestyle factors, and often carries out pertinent examinations such as taking blood pressure.  Afterwards, he will prescribe herbs in tea, tincture, or another form, and may suggest supplements, exercises, and dietary or lifestyle alterations aimed at improving your condition.

Joseph Nolan left his native New York City to study at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine where he earned his BSc Honours Degree in Herbal Medicine in 2010.  As a father and husband, he has vested interests in men's health; male and female fertility; ante- and postnatal, babies' and children's health.

Outside his clinic, Joseph leads herb walks, talks, and workshops on home herbalism, medicine making, foraging and food as medicine, both for organisations and the general public.

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Joseph NolanJoseph Nolan

Joseph Nolan is an experienced Medical Herbalist and works alongside Clare McQuade in our Baby and Child Clinic.

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