Dr Andrea Guenther

Dr Andrea Guenther MRCGP, DRCOG, MFHom offers Integrative Medicine and Homeopathy for fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.

Dr Andrea Guenther studied Medicine in Berlin, Germany, after which she came to the UK to train as a GP in Glasgow.

During her GP training, Dr Guenther became interested in the ability of the body to heal itself and, in particular, the innate wisdom of the female body. She began to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Myofascial Release.

After finishing her GP training, Dr Guenther began working at the Homeopathic Hospital in Glasgow, now known as the NHS Centre for Integrative Care. Whilst there, she deepened her knowledge of Homeopathic Remedies and became experienced in recognising patterns which are often present at the onset of ill health. She also studied the role of the mind and of the therapeutic relationship in the process of healing from acute and chronic illnesses.

Dr Guenther worked as a GP partner for 4 years, where she combined complimentary practices with conventional medicine to help patients to become well again and learn from their illness. She also became particularly interested in Women’s Health and worked at family planning clinics, alongside a gynaecologist, who specialised in menopause.

After a career break to look after her children, Dr Guenther now works as a GP in Edinburgh. She has also built up her private practice outside of the NHS where the focus of her work is on developing a healing relationship with her patients. She incorporates healing modalities, such as mindfulness, homeopathy, acupuncture and nutritional advice into her practice to encourage patients to look at their health concerns differently and to help stimulate the natural ability of the body to heal itself.

Dr Guenther draws on her knowledge of the natural history of disease, advances in Neurobiology and Epigenetics, as well as some of the older, natural healing systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy

Combining these with her knowledge and experience as a GP, gives her the unique ability to see her patients as a whole and as part of a community. She is able to listen carefully and compassionately and will support and inspire patients on their healing journey. 

  • Are you looking to discuss your concerns regarding your menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause with a GP, who takes time to listen to you and is open and knowledgeable to different paths of healing?


  • Are you looking for continuity of care?


  • Would you like to do more for your health other than just taking tablets?


  • Would you like to understand your body and its symptoms better in order to help yourself be healthy and feel well?

An initial appointment with Dr Guenther lasts 50 minutes with follow up appointments lasting 30 minutes, as often or as infrequently as you need.

Dr Guenther will discuss different methods of encouraging your innate healing process with you. This can be done alongside your conventional treatment and in co-operation with your other health care providers.

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Dr Andrea GuentherDr Andrea Guenther

Dr Andrea Guenther is an Edinburgh based GP. At Napiers Clinic she offers Integrative Medicine and Homeopathy for menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.

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