Clotilde Chereau BSc (Hons), GOsC

Clotilde Chereau studied osteopathy at SIOM (Surrey) then Oxford Brookes University, where she focused on classical and structural osteopathy. She also studied the cranial and visceral fields, which are of particular interest to her. She has practiced these different types of osteopathy on a wide range of people from infants to the elderly.

She has recently completed and qualified in nutritional advice with Nutrigold SW Ltd, and is at Level 4 of Integrated Osteopathic Studies in paediatrics. To her, both subjects are key areas where a therapist can help dramatically improve an individual’s wellbeing and their overall quality of life.

Approach to treatment

Osteopathic treatment aims to help the patient's body to recover health by guiding and maintaining the body toward its inner balance. The body is like a machine, a bicycle for instance. If the cog is even very slightly bent, it will wear out faster as well as the adjacent structures. The parts will then break down and the bicycle will eventually fall apart.

The osteopath is for the body what the mechanic is for the bicycle. They will help to adjust the misalignment(s), and make sure the whole mechanism runs smoothly at all times, in the same way as a mechanic will ensure there is enough oil on the chain or air in the tyre. The ultimate aim is the same as well - to ensure better performance and a better quality of life at a lesser cost and with fewer health issues.


Craniosacral Therapy

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Clotilde Chereau BSc (Hons), GOsCClotilde Chereau

Clotilde Chereau is a registered osteopath.

As well as classical and structural osteopathy, the cranial and visceral fields are of particular interest to her.

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