Mind over Body
Summer Weight Management Programme


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Fed up with yo-yo dieting?  Struggling with motivation?

Confused about your eating habits?

This 8-session weight management programme uses a powerful combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy to get you back in control. Working with our trained Hypnotherapist, Valerie Walker, you will gain new insight into your attitude to food and exercise, enabling you to develop a healthier, fitter lifestyle and allowing you to manage your weight more effectively.

Book before 31st August 2017 and pay upfront to receive all eight sessions for just £416 (instead of £520).


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Emotions make us human but they can also sometimes feel overwhelming. Bach Flower remedies can help in the regulation of emotions such as stress, fear, grief, anxiety, low mood and shock. Trained BFR practitioner, Rose Morley, has years of experience working with flower remedies to help bring calm back to your life.


Pay for two appointments and get 25% OFF your 2nd

(valid until 31/08/17)

Rose Morley





 Personalised weight loss and maintenance programme

with clinical nutritionist, Dr ILENIA PACIAROTTI


Initial consultation plus 7 follow up consultations over a six month period

Just £350

This exclusive personalised weight loss programme uses the state of the art Bioelectrical Impedance RJL Analyser to help you achieve a healthy, safe weight and is designed to change your dietary habits by reducing hunger and cravings whilst keeping you motivated and on track. Dr Ilenia Paciarotti has extensive experience with Weight Loss Management and will support you throughout your programme by helping you to achieve your goals and picking you up if you stumble as well as celebrating your successes.

Ilenia is also offering a discount for a limited period only on a course of 3 nutritional consultations for just £130

For more information on these courses, call us on 0131 225 5542

(Normally £400 and £160 respectively. Courses must be paid for in their entirety at time of initial booking. Valid until 31/08/17)

Ilenia Paciarotti