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The Ups and Downs of Valentine's Day

by Joseph Nolan MNIMH


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means it's chocolate time! Milk chocolate and inexpensive varieties are often loaded with sugar and unwholesome fillers but chocolate itself, cacao, is prodigiously healthful. The cacao bean is fermented, dried and usually roasted and is a good source of minerals, including magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc as well as the trace minerals copper and manganese, B vitamins, fibre and protein. Cacao also contains a clutch of substances, including caffeine and theobromine, which give it that wonderful feel-good factor.   


If you’ve never tasted raw chocolate then the palette of flavours might surprise you. While conventional chocolate can be dry, bitter and even sour - things that adding milk and lots of sugar covers up - raw chocolate is fruity, subtle, and much lighter which means, of course, that you can eat far more of it!


We’ve got a great range of organic and raw chocolate in our shop including PacariChocolate and Love, Ombar, Raw Halo, PanaBooja Booja and Montezuma and so why not pop in and pick up a bar to treat your Valentine or, even better, yourself!


Valentine’s Day isn’t fun and games for everyone however. Stress and anxiety, life changes including menopause and andropause and many health conditions ranging from diabetes to psoriasis as well as the medications we take, can all have a negative impact on libido and sexual function. For a little boost, try our Female Vitality Compound or Male Vitality Compound, or, if you’re finding that worries and anxiety are getting in the way of intimacy, our Skullcap, Oat & Passionflower compound works to banish stress and helps you get your mojo back.


We've got some delicious herbal teas in stock for Valentine's Day too. Lavender tea will healp you relax, Rose Tea is heart opening, Chamomile tea is very nurtuting whilst Borage tea will give you courage (if you need it)! If it's a hug you need then try Lime Bossom tea, and a cup of Rosemary tea will lift your spirits. For all round good cheer, brew a lovely cup of Melissa tea.




Joe Nolan is a Medical Herbalist and part of the Herbal team at Napiers Clinic, Edinburgh. To make an appointment with Joe call our reception on 0131 225 5542.



Dee Atkinson MNIMH

Dee is one of the UK's top herbalists and owns and runs D. Atkinson Herbalist in Edinburgh - a herbal dispensary and shop which provide a wide range of herbal medicines, vitamins, supplements, herbal skincare as well as a herbal dispensary. Next door is Napiers Clinic.

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