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Oil and Tea of the Month - June

As the merry month of May gives way to flaming June (we hope) our focus changes to a new oil and tea of the month. For June it’s all about our Adaptogen Tea and our Jojoba oil.

Jojoba Oil

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First discovered by the Native Americans, Jojoba goes by many names: coffeeberry,  goat nut, deer nut, pignut, quinine nut, gray box bush and wild hazel being just a few. Loved by Billy Connolly, it's full of vitamin E and B complex, making it great for dry skin, eczema and dandruff as well as controlling frizzy hair and also cradle cap in infants. Jojoba oil is absorbed well by the skin and is an excellent oil to use for facial massage. It mimics the skin's sebum, so can regulate oil production, making it excellent for oily or acne prone skin.


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Adaptogen tea

Adaptogen Teajpgashx

This is a great tasting blend that aids the body's nervous system, especially when it has been under a prolonged period of stress. Adaptogen Tea is also fantastic for giving your energy levels a boost.

Infuse 2 teaspoons per cup and drink 3 cups a day.



Dee Atkinson MNIMH

Dee is one of the UK's top herbalists and owns and runs D. Atkinson Herbalist in Edinburgh - a herbal dispensary and shop which provide a wide range of herbal medicines, vitamins, supplements, herbal skincare as well as a herbal dispensary. Next door is Napiers Clinic.

Dee qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 1988 and took over Napiers the Herbalists in 1990, building it up into one of the UKs most respected and trusted Complementary Medicine Clinics.

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