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Menopause in the Spotlight


Recently, I blogged about new findings by Oxford University research in The Lancet which showed a raised risk to women on HRT of ovarian cancer, and the herbal alternatives that are available. You can read it here.

Now, today, new findings from research by the international Cochrane Group have shown that there is also a small increased risk of blood clots and possibly stroke for women on HRT.  Click here to read more.

In addition to this, a top advisor to the government on keeping women over 50 in the workplace has warned today that many women going through the menopause are being forced out of work by employers who do not understand the challenges brought on by this life changing event. Dr Ros Altmann said the impact of the menopause is largely ignored in the workplace with many women choosing to either go part time or leave their jobs altogether rather than struggle on.

Taking all this into account, it would seem that we need to urgently find a more holistic, natural and compassionate approach to how we deal with this huge change in a woman’s life. Instead of sweeping it under the carpet and just putting women on potentially harmful medication, it’s imperative that menopause comes out of the shadows and is no longer a taboo subject.

Find out about how herbal medicine can support the management of menopausal symptoms here.


Are you an employer in the Edinburgh area who would like to find out more about how you can support employees who may be going through the menopause, using natural alternatives to HRT? Our practitioners are happy to come along and talk to you and your staff about what can be done, both in and out of work, to support women at this important time of life.



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