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Medicinal Mushrooms

It’s mushroom season and those in the know can currently be found truffling around in search of tasty treats. As a prize for your exertions, you may well end up with a dinner of chanterelles lightly sautéed in butter or perhaps a delicious breakfast of freshly picked field mushrooms. With the exception of the small white button mushrooms you find in supermarkets, all mushrooms have some medicinal properties and have been used for centuries for this purpose. While not all mushrooms taste good on your breakfast toast, they are highly prized for their immune boosting properties.

Medicinal Mushrooms. The new buzz in herbal medicine, these wonderfully complex fungi are a rich source of physiologically active compounds. Many mushrooms show antimicrobial activities, either as antibiotic or anti-fungal agents. The mushroom polysaccharides help restore a healthy balance to the immune system, up-regulating immune responses in cases of immune suppression and down-regulating overactive immune responses. This makes them a unique food source for a wide range of chronic conditions.

If you’re interested in foraging but are unsure, then make sure you go with an expert. Monica Wilde runs year round foraging walks and she will help you safely identify a wide variety of plants and mushrooms growing right on your doorstep. For more information, go here:

D. Atkinson Herbalist stock our own brand of practitioner strength, exceptional value medicinal mushrooms powders. We also have The Medicinal Mushroom Book by Martin Powell for sale at £6.95. Martin produces all our Mushroom powders for us here at D. Atkinson Herbalist and has written this fantastic guide which you can download here:


Re-Cha Mushroom Blend 
50/50 Reishi and Chaga. This is my top blend, much used
in clinic.

I use this to used to support cancer treatments, help
manage digestive disorders and used in some skin

Strong anti inflammatory action, as well as having benefit
as part of the support we can offer cancer patients.

This improves energy and helps with Asthma management
as well as having good anti viral actions.

Clinical studies show benefit for cancer patients and
patients with PCOS

You can buy our full range of Mushroom powders online, here:





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