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Love Your Liver

It’s Love your Liver Month and, as the primary organ responsible for breaking down and getting rid of all the toxins that end up in our bodies, it’s worth taking a good look at what it does for our health and how we can help it.

Put your hand just underneath your ribs, on the right hand side, and you will be pretty much covering your liver. It’s the body’s largest organ, weighing in at around 1.3 kg for woman and 1.8kg for men, and contains about 13% of the body’s total blood supply. It’s a busy organ too, completing over 500 functions at any given time – most importantly converting food to energy, storing vitamins and minerals and getting rid of waste. The Liver also plays an important role in fighting infections, so as you can see, keeping your Liver in good shape is extremely important as it has a huge effect on our entire system.

The three main causes of liver disease are too much alcohol, non-alcohol related fatty liver disease and viral hepatitis. One of the best things you can do for your Liver is to cut down on your alcohol intake and try to have at least 3 consecutive days a week when you don’t drink any alcohol. But, as well as limiting your booze, there are several wonderful herbs that are helpful in taking care of this essential organ.

Milk Thistle helps with the detoxification of alcohol and helps to regenerate damaged liver tissue. It also stimulates bile production. We recommend our Milk Thistle Tincture which is particularly good if you’ve overindulged during the festive season or any other special occasion for that matter.

Silymarin is the main active component of Silybum marianum aka Milk Thistle. Our Milk Thistle & Silymarin Compound capsules are standardised to give a high quality practitioner strength product.

Dandelion is an excellent liver cleanser, stimulating as it does the bile flow from the liver. This fantastic “spring cleaner” also has a gentle tissue cleansing action on the lymphatics and kidneys and can be helpful in cases of fatty liver and cirrhosis.

Our Dandelion Herbal Compound Tea is a delicious way to take Dandelion herb, just infuse 2 teaspoons per cup and drink 3 cups daily.

Curcumin is very effective in the promotion of liver health with research showing that it may actually be able to repair damaged liver tissues.  Our Curcumin Combination practitioner strength capsules are one of our best sellers.

When it comes to eating right for your Liver, Beetroot has long been used to help to stimulate the Liver's detoxification processes and our friends over at Real Foods have a massive selection of beet products including organic loose beetroot in a number of varieties and several brands of  beetroot juices. And that’s just for starters - we especially like the look of their Hot Beetroot Chutney and their Raw Beetroot and Acerola Kale Chips!

Wheat Grass is also essential for liver detoxification as it purifies the blood, neutralises toxins and sorts out blood sugar imbalances. Again, Real Foods have got a whole range of Wheatgrass powders and supplements in stock. Take a look.



To find out more about your Liver and how to care for it, log on to the British Liver Trust’s website where you’ll find masses of information and helpful resources and links.



Dee Atkinson MNIMH

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