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Homeopathy Comes to Napiers Clinic in Ediburgh

Thanos Razis In The Basement

Hi there

I'm delighted to tell you that we're now going to be offering Homeopathy at our clinic in Edinburgh.

Thanos Razis is a Herbalist and a Homeopath. He studied Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster, graduating in 2007, and went on to practice as resident herbalist at a London clinic whilst studying for his Classical Homeopathy degree at the same institution. He is currently furthering his Classical Homeopathic education with George Vithoulkas, one of the most famous reformers of homeopathy during the twentieth century and the man who infused homeopathy with new ideas on a scientific base.

Thanos runs his Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine clinics on different days during the month. He also runs the Napiers low income clinic every Thursday afternoon.

Thanos's approach to treatment is in accordance with his belief that, to a lesser or greater extent, health, freedom and happiness are achievable by anyone who has the will and commitment to make long term changes and incorporate new, healthier choices into their life. To paraphrase Einstein, one cannot expect to achieve positive results without making positive changes! Thanos believes that Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy are both powerful healing agents but in the majority of cases, lifestyle changes can often also accelerate recovery and contribute to establishing better overall health.

During an initial Homeopathy Consultation Thanos will focus on the specifics of the presenting problem as well as medical history, family history, other presenting or past problems and the mental emotional make up of the patient. There is not as much emphasis on diet and lifestyle. The remedy will be prescribed in the form of a pill or tablet and is sent to the patient after a couple of days with clear instructions on how to take it. Follow up appointments for long standing conditions are usually booked after a month but may be earlier for acute cases. The follow up appointment is in order to evaluate the action of the remedy based on the patient's response and to decide whether to repeat, wait or change it.

Even though Thanos is practicing Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine in separate clinics on different days, he may make appropriate suggestions of integration or alteration between the two if he feels that it is in the patient's best interests.

As I've already told you in a previous blog, since April 2013, Thanos has also been part of our D. Atkinson Herbalist shop team advising and helping customers over the counter.

For more information or to discuss as to whether you can benefit from a herbal medicine or Homeopathic treatment you can email him at

Homeopathy Clinic - An initial appointment will typically last 60 minutes at a cost of £60. Repeat appointments (30 minutes) are £40. Shorter appointments for acute problems are also available for 20 min £20.



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