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Bristo Place Shop Front

Back in beautiful Edinburgh and straight into full festival swing at the shop and clinic. Great to come back to such a fantastic buzz - the shop team are working really hard offering support and advice to all the festival goers. We have had lots of artists coming in who have sore throats or who have lost their voice, people working in physical theatre who have injuries and lots of exhausted revellers who just need a pick me up.

We have some very experienced practitioners on our shop floor and it is exciting to work in such a focused and professional environment.

The shop floor team is backed up by the Practitioner team in the clinic. You can find more info here.

Value for money

One of our missions is to look at ways of delivering quality herbs, tinctures and supplements that are affordable and are at a practitioner strength. We have a busy dispensing service where we can dispense herbs and tinctures in larger volumes - this is the most cost effective way of purchasing products you regularly use, such as Echinacea. We have also started developing a new range of quality powders and greens.

I have been enjoying a breakfast smoothie with The Basic Green Mix. It contains, Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley grass, , Wheatgrass, Alfalfa, Blueberry, Cranberry and ginger power. Freeze dried and organically produced this is a nutrient packed shot at the start of the day. All of these powders are available individually so you can make up a blend of your own choice. All of the new products are packaged simply in resealable food bags, keeping packaging costs to a minimum and allowing us to sell them at an affordable and fair price

Open Sundays

During the festival we are open on Sundays and we were very busy last week. It is a great day for our regular customers to visit as we often have a bit more time to spend talking to people.

See you there!

Dee x



Dee Atkinson MNIMH

Dee is one of the UK's top herbalists and owns and runs D. Atkinson Herbalist in Edinburgh - a herbal dispensary and shop which provide a wide range of herbal medicines, vitamins, supplements, herbal skincare as well as a herbal dispensary. Next door is Napiers Clinic.

Dee qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 1988 and took over Napiers the Herbalists in 1990, building it up into one of the UKs most respected and trusted Complementary Medicine Clinics.

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