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I’m proud to have been a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) for many years now so I’m very excited that they’re celebrating their 150th birthday with the publication of this fine book entitled Herbal Exchanges.

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Herbal Exchanges is a fascinating compendium of information about NIMH and features respected herbalists from many different disciplines, each sharing their knowledge of Western herbal medicine and covering the broad areas of history and heritage, research, experiences, therapeutics and philosophy. There are contributions from such luminaries as Jan de Vries, Kerry Bone, Peter Conway and Fred Fletcher Hyde as well as a forward from the chairman of the NHS Alliance, Dr Michael Dixon. The articles range from personal accounts of herbal practice in the East End of London during the First World War to current herbal therapeutics on the microcirculation. The book combines expertise and scholarly and scientific weight with humour, history and social interest.

Commenting on the launch of the book NIMH President Laura Stannard said: 

“Seeing Herbal Exchanges progress from an initial concept to published book has been remarkable.  NIMH is one of Britain’s institutional treasures – an organisation of medical professionals with the highest standards of duty and care for their patients.  Millions of people in the United Kingdom rely on herbal medicines for their good health – this is in no small part due to the dedication of NIMH members over the past 150 years.”

I was also extremely honoured to have been asked to contribute to the book, which I did in a chapter called The Tonic Prescribing Principle of 1860 in Modern Herbal Medicine. In it, I take a trip back in time to 1990 and to the basement of Napiers the Herbalists in Edinburgh’s Bristo Place, when I first took over the company.

The book is available online from NIMH here: and it’s also on sale in our shop: D. Atkinson Herbalist at 18 Bristo place, Edinburgh. It’s a must read for anyone who uses or works in herbal medicine.



Dee Atkinson MNIMH

Dee is one of the UK's top herbalists and owns and runs D. Atkinson Herbalist in Edinburgh - a herbal dispensary and shop which provide a wide range of herbal medicines, vitamins, supplements, herbal skincare as well as a herbal dispensary. Next door is Napiers Clinic.

Dee qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 1988 and took over Napiers the Herbalists in 1990, building it up into one of the UKs most respected and trusted Complementary Medicine Clinics.

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