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Getting Your 'Ten A Day'

Juicing Photo March 2016

The recent news that we need to be eating 10 a day instead of 5 a day to help us live a longer, healthier life may feel like a whole lot more work but it really needn’t be. Now is the time to get using that smoothie maker to whizz up a delicious drink packed full of veggies and berries. It really is a great way to up your fruit and veg intake. I suggest making the veg the main player in your smoothie - spinach, broccoli and greens are all super healthy and if you add frozen berries it will taste great! My super boost secret is to add a teaspoon of wild Nordic berry powder. I recently came across the Finnberry brand and am now a huge fan so I’ve made sure that we now stock them in our shop – choose from Billberry, Lingonberry and Cranberry powders which all come in 100g bags.

Here’s an example of my day in food, focusing on getting at least ten portions of vegetables and fruit a day: on the right in the colander we have my juice pile, all ready to be run through the big Samson juicer. I drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I also make sure that I drink the juice within 10 mins of making it so as to get the maximum effect from all the antioxidants. I do also have breakfast of course - usually eggs or sardines on rye bread.

Then we have the nutribullet packed and ready to go. I add a handful of frozen berries and some linseed. I tend to drink this around 4pm when the mid afternoon slump hits!

The box in the middle is my lunch time salad, I usually add some proteins to this, toasted nuts, cheese, or an avocado.

The beans and broccoli on the left will be steamed at night for dinner, alongside some fish or a bean dish.

I think I have about 11-15 portions of fruit and veg in a day, mainly veg, as in my case I want to keep sugars low. This is a good day. On a bad day I have oatcakes, sprouted bread and muesli to snack on...




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